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Hi there, my name is Christy Aaron, Creator and Owner of CJ's homemade wholesome pet treats. I have worked in the animal industry for 25 years and counting. I've worked as a bather, kennel attendant, pet store associate, a dog walker/pet sitter and in veterinary clinics. I have worked at Country Hills Animal Clinic in Torrance California as a pharmacy and veterinary technician. The hospital is where my heart lies, it is so rewarding to help animals in need. You can only imagine how devastated I was when my little Shih Tzu got sick. Her name is Summit and she is my princess. Her symptoms started with a painful abdomen and an extremely high fever, then eventually she could barely walk. After 2 days of testing and being treated at the hospital we discovered Summit's left kidney was full of stones. She was painful due to trying to pass the stones. The end result left Summit with only one functioning kidney. A few weeks of recovery and ten years later, Summit is a very healthy 15-year-old! Since she has only one kidney I have had to monitor her protein intake. She is on a veterinary special kidney diet, so I thought...How hard could it be to find low protein treats? It was nearly impossible to find any treats she could have and that she would actually eat. That put the thought in motion....What if I baked treats for Summit? I love to bake so why not? The research began and so did the baking. I created yummy treats that Summit could have and enjoy! Once I perfected the low protein treats, I immediately started to think about all the other special diet needs. That is when CJ's homemade wholesome pet treats was born! Keeping your four legged furry babies healthy is my #1 priority....always give the best to your best friend!

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